In 1930 the Wayne County, Indiana Historical Society accepted the gift of extensive personal collections from Julia Meek Gaar, and the gift of the historical Friends Meeting House at 1150 North A Street, Richmond from the Whitewater Monthly Meeting of Friends (General Conference) commonly known as Hicksites. The beautiful Meetinghouse ground was purchased and two adjoining lots were added later.

    Through the succeeding years area residents have contributed countless heirlooms and memorabilia to help establish an outstanding record of the past. Others have given cash donations and bequests which made possible the Lindemuth addition in 1954 and accessory buildings which include the county's oldest log school house (1812) and a typical two story log residence built in 1823. Wayne County history is particularly significant because this county became a major gateway to the West and at one time was the most populous county in Indiana. When the National Road opened in 1833, countless emigrant families trudged over it on their way westward.

    The Wayne County, Indiana Historical Society is a non-profit, educational corporation, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. It receives a small annual grant from Wayne County, but must depend upon donations, wills and bequests, annual membership dues, admission fees and gift shop sales for its support. It could not exist but for the countless hours of volunteer help.


James Harlan - Executive Director

Cynthia Doulen - Administrative Assistant

John Shipley - Facilities Manager

Carol Stocksdale - Education Director

Open Position - Special Events Coordinator

Amanda Jetmore - Bookeeper


Eugene Cruz Uribe - President

Craig Warner - Vice President 

Dick Smith - Secretary

Chuck Tabeling - Treasurer


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Grunty Atkins

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