Literacy Nights

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You Are Invited...

to hold a Literacy Night at the Museum. We want this to be an engaging and enriching experience for your students and their families. We also want it to be simple for you and your teachers.

5 simple steps to a successful Literacy Night:

  1. Schedule your Literacy Night.
  2. Choose activities.
  3. Invite your students and families.
  4. Come and have fun leading meaningful activities.
  5. Get free books!

It really is that easy! All you need to do is contact the museum to schedule your Literacy Night. We will also schedule a time to meet with your Literacy Night committee. We provide a “Literacy Night Guide for Tired and Busy Teachers”. All your teachers have to do is choose an area of the museum that interests them and choose a suggested activity for that area from the guide (or come up with their own). We will have tables set up and the kit for each chosen activity ready for them. Then they just need to show up and lead that activity for your students and their families.

This program has been made possible with grants from the Stamm Koechlein Family Foundation, The Richmond Rotary Club and Tri Kappa. Thanks to these organizations, we will also be able to pass out a free book to each student who attends!

We believe that this makes for a GREAT LITERACY NIGHT! Being in the museum allows your staff to interact with students and their families in a whole new way. We have held three Literacy Nights with great success. Please call us and ask for Jim Harlan, Executive Director, or Carol Stocksdale, Education Director for details. Combined efforts can make for a great adventure.